Audrey-Anne Déry

Audrey started competitive shooting at the age of 12 thanks to the Cadet Program of Canada. It was also around this time that she got to know competitive shooting. It was true love at first sight, the real one. She discovered a sport that combines precision and stability who advocates the analysis of your own actions and the control of our emotions. This sport allows you to develop the best of everyone, as an athlete and as a person. Competitive shooting has undoubtedly been the essential building block for who who she is today. It took her approximately 5 years, 5 months, and 28 days from when I started the 921 Cadet Squadron shooting program until my first Senior World Cup at the age of 18, the day after her last National Marksmanship as a Cadet International: ISSF World Cups (402.6) 121st - 10m Air Rifle - 2016 Munich (399.7) 99th - 10m Air Rifle - 2014 Maribor (402.1) 127th - 10m Air Rifle - 2014 Munich (383) 94th - 10m Air Rifle - 2012 Milan Championship of the Americas (CAT Games) (398.6) 30th - 10m Air Rifle - 2014 Guadalajara Domestic: Canada Winter Games Silver - Air Rifle Team - 2011 Halifax 7th - Air Rifle Individuals - 2011 Halifax

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