Reg Wales - Field Optics Advisor

Reg is a retired soldier and currently a certified firearms instructor as well as Vortex Optics (Canada) Technical Field Advisor. As a former soldier who has operated in theater, a hunter and competition shooter, he passes on his in depth knowledge of rifle scope field use in this easy to learn format that will change the way shooters perform on the range, in the field and on combat operations. Passionate about all types of shootig but his specialty is long range precision. With an impressive 30 years of experience. Author of several books including: two firearm optics manuals as well as and “The Ultimate Optics Guide to Rifle Shooting” . Currently competes in: Argyll Cup Sniper Challenge Winner of the Argyll Sniper Marksmanship Trophy 4 years in a row Impressive resume to say the least CUSF is happy to have Reg join us for our AGM to fill one of our speakers segments.

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