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In this short guidelines we explain how to easily use Evently to create
an amazing online conference for your business.

Are you looking to create an online/virtual conference or event for your company? If so, Evently is the Webflow Template for you.

Evently was created to include everything you need to host your online conferences, including pages like Speakers, Agenda, Tickets, and much more.

In this short document, we are going to explain you 2 options of how to create your site, sell tickets, and connect these to your streaming platform.

1. Easy Option: Evently Webflow Template + YouTube

If you want to keep things simple, you can follow the process below:

1.1 Purchase Evently

1.2 Customize Evently with your Brand Colors and Information

1.3 Add your Agenda Events (You can use Eventable, or any other alternative for the Add to Calendar link reminders)

1.4 Add your Tickets in the Webflow eCommerce: While adding the products, in the 'Downloads' section you can add a simple PDF download with a access link and password code for your users to login to your 'Conference Platform' page (Which is the page that will be used for the online conference live event).

1.5 Customize your Conference Platform page, and add 'Password Protection' to the page. Add the same password code you added in the PDF download, so users can access.

Enable Password Protection and Add the same password as on your PDF download

1.6 Embed the YouTube livestream video (ensure it's unlisted, so only users logged in can view it, and it's not live on YouTube) to the page a few hours before the event is live, and this way only the logged in users to this page will be able to assist to the event.

Conference Platform page, where you can embed your livestream

1.7 Enjoy the event! Remember you can also add Resources and Community links to the 'Conference Platform' page, so the attendees of your event can easily have access to everything.

Bonus Tip 1: If you have different Tickets (i.e. a Standard & Deluxe ticket), you can easily clone the 'Conference Platform' page, and have 2 different PDF downloads, so the users with the Standard ticket have access to one page, while the users with the Deluxe ticket have access to another one (where they can have more resources, or any other extra perk offered).

Bonus Tip 2: You can export all of your orders, and import them to any Email Newsletter platform (i.e. MailChimp, HubSpot, etc) so you can easily keep in touch with all your attendees.

2. Advanced Option: Evently Webflow Template + Memberstack (or Others)

If you want a more robust and customized solution, there are many powerful integrations for Webflow, like MemberStack.

MemberStack allows to add pages with login required, and also helps you to manage payments and subscriptions very easily. Integrating Memberstack you can easily create a user system so not all users share the same password, and also include many more features.

By default, this is not built in Evently as Webflow Templates can't use any third-party integration. However, feel free to explore this and other integrations to create something amazing along Evently.

If you ever need help with a custom build, feel free to get in touch with our Webflow Design Agency.